We are excited to introduce our 'Giving Back' Program!

At Glynn Thrower Photography, we believe in giving back to our community. We abide by the philosophy of “Live, Shop and Play in your community!” By giving back through a variety of events and activities, we have watched our studio grow, while expanding our partnerships and friendships throughout the community.

Do you have an upcoming benefit, charity or fund raising event that would benefit from a donated or auction item? GTP can help by providing fund raising for your cause that follows a very simple plan.

For every $50 donation to your cause, the donor will receive a $250 portrait gift certificate to our studio. There is no limit to the number of donors that can purchase a certificate, so the amount of funds generated can be greatly increased!

We will provide a portrait to display for your event (if appropriate), studio brochures, and a description of what the $250 portrait gift certificate can be applied to. We will provide donor sheets that will capture the donors full contact information so that we may follow up directly through the mail with their $250 portrait certificate, a thank you letter, and information and instructions on how to use the certificate.

If you would like to request a donation for your fund raising event, please contact me at 602-350-6543 or you can email me at  glynn@glynnthrowerphotography.com.

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